'There's no such thing as Truth', she says ,

   Teeth gritted , eyes ablaze :

   As The Telegraph says

   There's no such thing as Truth.

   'Facts there are. '

   But Truth is Round ,

   Encompassing , Profound .

   Truth holds Concern and Justice ,

   Truth holds Perspective .

   She snapped shut her shoulder bag clasp

   And sipped her wine

   Through puckered lines of lipstick and lit a cigarette

   to 'calm her down '.


   Hack dry facts


   Thin as cigarette papers

   Ash grey .

   Later , she walked away

   To catch her bus

   Unsteadily sway ,

   To write her column for the following day . 

  Diamond Bob

(an ode to Bob Diamond 2012)


Sparkling jewel of carbon’s hardest days,

Consuming hearts& minds ,

Reflecting back their twinkling rays -

An icy mirage blinds.


Your shiny shoes click the concrete and the early polished floors.

Important man.

Your suit rustles expensively as you fold your arms across your stripey shirt .

And discuss  the wily winding path of deceit

You pave for yourself.

Negotiating the boardrooms.

In your sumptuous hotel world

You shower and shave ,

And manicure your every inch….so clean

On the outside…


How many  slaves ?

How many people , bowed in head

Smooth and shape and fold your bed?

How many cook , how many serve? 


While you sit cross fingered  , talking , talking , gazing

Through the double glazing. 


Money- is the stuff you never see , 

and your servants , obedient in their

transparent cages , wonder

what they can give their kids for tea.