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Lincolnshire Tide and Time 2018

Ode to the Giant Oarfish


The Oarfish is an oddity

It lives its life in deeper sea

Often swimming vertically

Its dorsal fin moves rhythmically

Propelling it to where there'll be

Krill in great capacity.


The Oarfish has a silvery gleam

With darker markings in between

Its body's very long and lean

And from its head red pendants stream

It's like a creature from a dream

With features that are quite extreme.


Fishermen long gone before

When they found Oarfish on the shore

Told tales that then became folklore

Of serpents, monsters, snakes and more

Now that we know we can ignore

All tales of serpents - we restore

The Giant Oarfish evermore!


Robot Philosofun Project 2019


The cut out character robot .

Simes the Robot.PNG

Primary school children working on their cut outs , dressing the robots for different roles , raising questions about the suitability for robots in all areas of human society.


....examples of the children's work , arranged for a discussion , which brought up some interesting ideas , even from the younger children .

The older primary children had a more in depth discussion and drew their own robots in various roles.  


In favour of the EU 2019

beavers for europe.png
chlorinated chicken.jpg
peace in eu.PNG

Warming Bells -

Climate change exhibition 2019

Warning Bells digital image.jpg

Egret Shower Motif 2020

White egret 6.png
egret 1.JPG
shower egret.JPG

Wildlife Posters 2020

for fox sake....PNG

Sankofa Storytelling Resource and Others...

sankofa storytelling.jpg
Sankofa boy.jpg

Illustrations for poetry , Jane Yates 2018

PB Poetry.jpg
PB poetry 2.jpg

Cumbria Farming Awards 2021 

farming awards glass .PNG
prince charles award.jpg
farmers getting award.jpg

Inspiring Eden Award 2022

inspiring Eden final.PNG
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